Octopus Ink Cleaner, 100mL bottle


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      The Octopus Fluids Fountain pen cleaner is an indispensable tool for cleaning and maintaining high-quality fountain pens and thus ensuring an unimpeded flow of ink.

      The fountain pen cleaning fluid removes even dried ink residues effortlessly and thoroughly, while being gentle on the ink feed, nib and seals. It is suitable for gentle and thorough removal of residues from water-soluble and waterproof fountain pen inks, pigmented and document-proof inks, shimmer inks and sketch inks.      

      Application of the filler cleaner:

      1. Rinse fountain pen with water.
      2. Fill the fountain pen with cleaner and let it work for 5 minutes.   
      3. Rinse the nib unit after the reaction time until the water remains clear and all cleaner residues are removed
      4. Repeat the procedure a second time for stubborn dirt.
      5. Then allow all components to dry thoroughly.
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