Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, House of Fine Writing carries the best of the worlds fine writing instruments. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff is here to provide you with the answers to your questions and to help you find the finest writing instruments and accessories for your needs.

Meet Andrew

My name is Andrew and I am the one you will find behind the counter here at House of Fine Writing. Since we opened in January 2015, I've enjoyed the privilege of working with some of the worlds finest Pen and Stationery Brands, and some of the worlds finest people.

I have always appreciated a good writing instrument and derive a deep satisfaction in working with timeless quality tools, and those who enjoy using them. Each is its own work of craftsmanship and art, beautiful and functional pieces of human innovation. Coupled with a keen interest in its continued good functioning and how to maintain that, I find my interests are in demand and well received here at House of Fine Writing.

Another aspect I enjoy is building strong relationships with our friends and customers from coast to coast to coast, and across the globe. Being a part of the turn of an age, I'm in the position to play a role in ensuring quality writing instruments continue into the next one, which is just one of the many reasons I love what I do.