Faber-Castell TK 9071 Lead


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      The break-resistant and exceptionally smooth leads for refilling the FC clutch pencils are deep black, blueprintable and can be easily erased. Available in 14 grades of hardness. The grades 6H to 3B have a lead diameter of 2 mm, 4B to 6B have a lead diameter of 3.15 mm.

      • TK 9071 leads for writing, drawing and sketching
      • Suitable for TK 9400, TK 9500 and TK 4600 clutch pencils
      • Lead diameter 2 mm
      • Intense black lines
      • Easily erasable
      • 130 mm long
      • Degree of hardness F
      • Content: 10 leads of one degree of hardness per container
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